Workshops & Events

Sun, October 15th

9:00 am – 10:00 am

Sunday Morning Walk and Talk

Join us for a morning stroll!

Savona Coffee (Across from Beaches Restaurant)
1898 SE Columbia River Drive
Vancouver, WA 98661


“Having suffered from osteoarthritis for several years, I decided to attend Katie Dwaileebe’s Therapeutic Arthritis Workshop. I learned how nutrition and lifestyle can help manage the inflammation. Katie informed us about the foods we should avoid and those we should add to our diet. She also provided us with several recipes and other suggestions for better arthritis nutrition. After following Katie’s suggestions, the discomfort that I have felt from arthritis these past years has lessened considerably and I no longer need to rely on Aleve to manage my pain. Thank you, Katie!”

Susan, Coronado, CA

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