Nutrition Consulting

Initial Session

My initial session with you will be an in-depth look at your current lifestyle, diet, health concerns and goals. Expect me to ask a lot of questions! This session is about diving deep and getting to the root causes of why you are experiencing symptoms. We will collaborate on implementing changes that work for you.

You will come away from this session with a more concrete understanding of what’s going on with your health as well as a specific plan that we will re-visit and revise as needed throughout your journey to health. Your sessions may include recipes, supplement recommendations, and access to my cleanse.

Follow-up Sessions

In our follow-up sessions, we will check in on your progress towards your goals and do any troubleshooting for what is not working. Based on where you’re at, I will provide further nutrient and lifestyle recommendations. I may provide you with ideas for meal-planning, stress-management, tips for sleeping better, or for whatever it is that ails you!

Wellness to a Tea’s services may be for you if you are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as acne, insomnia, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, PMS, poor blood sugar control, weight gain, chronic stress, and/or digestive upset. If you are fed up with medications and ready to treat your symptoms in a natural way, I am here to support you and help set you on the right path to wellness!

Other Services

I offer one-on-one nutritional coaching for women experiencing period problems, acne, weight gain, insomnia, stress, gut issues, and more. If you already know what and how to eat but just want some new recipe ideas, I build custom meal plans catered to your taste preferences, time constraints, and budget. I also offer cleanses to help clear out the toxin build-up and get things running smoothly again – like an oil change for your digestive tract! We could also explore the hidden wonders of your pantry and give it a fresh new makeover to help you with your health goals.

Custom Meal Plans

Whole Foods Cleanse

Custom Meal Plans

Whole Foods Cleanse

Complimentary Discovery Session

Let’s have a chat! To me, it is vital to establish if we are a good fit before we commit to working together. In this session, we will discuss you, your goals, and how my services can best meet your needs.