PCOS, Tea, and Hormones on Well Women Radio

Girl, let’s be real. Periods can be a real nuisance. Many women experience cramps, bloating, fatigue, cravings, and irritability. But periods can also be a beautiful thing that we can take ownership of (cue the happy-go-lucky tampon commercial). Imagine having your period and carrying on with daily life. Imagine knowing what a to expect each month from your body. Imagine knowing how to nourish yourself for your best health. Imaging having a healthcare team that’s on your side because you advocated for better care.

This used to sound impossible to me. Having my period and living daily life were not synonymous. In fact, I still struggle with some very painful periods. I’ve been on a long journey to learn more about my unique body, to find healthcare practitioners that align with my values, and to add in nourishing routines like drinking tea and walking.

Along my journey, I met Ellie Thomas. Ellie is a fellow women’s health warrior who provides a helping hand for many women on their journey towards hormonal balance. Ellie and I met during Nicole Jardim’s Fix Your Period Apprenticeship and I was immediately struck but how intelligent she was – girl knows her sh*t!

Ellie and I hopped on the phone a few months ago to record an episode for her podcast, Well Women Radio. We discussed all things tea and hormones, of course!

If you feel like your healthcare team could use a re-vamp, or you are at a loss for where to start with hormonal balance, give this episode a listen!

In this episode, we explore:

  • My journey with PCOS
  • How sugar and stress play a role in hormonal health
  • My favorite teas for hormonal balance
  • Healing hormonal acne
  • Advocating for yourself in your doctor’s office
  • Which tea can help regulate high androgen hormones in women
  • Owning your health and knowing your body
  • How to incorporate tea in your life
  • My two necessary action steps that balance my hormones daily

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